Songs of our lands and history:
Un Canadien errant - Traditional Quebecois folk song, arr. Mark Sirett (b.1952)
Pesme starog ratnika (An Old Soldier’s Songs) by Radomir Petrović (1923-1991)

Songs about the beauty around us:
Al’je lep ovaj svet (Oh, What a Beautiful World) by Stevan Mokranjac (1854-1914)
Leisure by Eleanor Daley (b.1955)

Songs from the sea:
Away from the Roll of the Sea - A. MacGillivray, arr.Diane Loomer (1940-2012)
Primorski napjevi (Coastal Folk Medley) by Stevan Mokranjac

Kolo Dunavka, br. 1 i 2 za klavir by Stevan Mokranjac
(Dunavka Folk Dance, no. 1 & 2 for solo piano)

Water wheel mill songs:
Vodenica (Water Mill) by Vojislav Ilić (1911-1999)
J’entends le Moulin - Traditional French-Canadian, arr.Donald Patriquin (b.1938)

When the Stars Fall - Folk hymn, arr.Stephen Hatfield (b.1956)
Dodolske pesme by Marko Tajčević (1900-1984)
(Dodole Songs - Serbian Rain Dance Songs)

Balkanske igre br. 4 i 5 za klavir by Marko Tajčević
(Two Balkan Dances no. 4 & 5 for solo piano)

Songs around the water:
Džanum na sred selo iz VIII rukoveti by Stevan Mokranjac
(My Dear Village, from 8th Garland)
Traverse Bay by Jeff Smallman (b.1965)

Trees Dancing in the Wind for solo piano by Christine Donkin (b.1976)

Two light-hearted tales:
The Log Driver’s Waltz - Wade Hemsworth, arr.Ron Smail (b.1952)
Kozar (The Goatherd) by Stevan Mokranjac

Katarina Jović, Conductor/Chef
Maria Krstić, Violin
Ðurđa Papazoglu, Piano





Christmas GLORIA:
Tebe pojem by Stevan Mokranjac
Dostojno jest by Stevan Mokranjac
Radujsja nevjesto nenevjestnaja by Stevan Mokranjac

                   Katarina Jović, Conductor