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Musica Serbica is a Serbian amateur women choir. The choir members come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds and most of the women have sung in choirs at different times during their life.

Musica Serbica objectives are to perform Serbian choral music in its broadest aspects, encompassing the full diversity of Serbian music and its traditions including liturgical, ethnic, folk, art and popular music. Our goal is to promote the appreciation of Serbian, Canadian and world choral music both within the Serbian community of Canada and broader Canadian community. We use our voices to promote the importance of positive impact of music in women’s lives and their well being.

The name Musica Serbica is derived from two names: Musica and Serbica. Music is a universal language that everyone understands and word Serbica is taken partially from ‘Ramonda serbica’. Ramonda serbica is an endemic plant from central Balkan. The flower is discovered by famous Serbian botanist Josif Pančić in 1874. near the city of Niš; it is also commonly known as Serbian phoenix flower. What is characteristic for this plant is that has ability once dehydrated completely be revived by watering. [1]