about us

Musica Serbica is a Serbian amateur women choir, founded in 2014 by three enthusiastic women who like to sing and who sang in their native Serbia. They didn’t want to stay with a number 3 so they invited other Serbian women who like to sing to join them. From three grew into many more. Musica Serbica strive for musical excellence under professional leadership. Our vision is to serve Ottawa’s multicultural musical tradition, performing music from all historical periods while keeping an authentic voice for original Serbian language works as the focus of its repertoire.

Our Mission is to promote Serbian fine arts culture, by increasing the visibility, understanding, appreciation of Serbian inheritance within Canada, as well as bridge the subtle integration of Serbian community into multicultural Canadian society.

Our Vision is to become a fine example of women’s team work and strength in promoting Serbian culture and become a footprint for coming generations of the organization nurturing women’s well being through dedicated community work, learning and arts.